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Utrecht municipality starts sustainable parcel delivery trial

Logistics service provider MyPup first bundles parcels from all carriers in central hubs outside the city and then delivers them in one go by bicycle courier to parcel points nearby. This sets MyPup apart from other providers. Parcels are securely delivered to lockers at public locations, where users can pick up their parcels at their convenience. Thus, users no longer have to visit multiple parcel points in the neighbourhood.

Cleaner air and quiet neighbourhoods

"We want to reduce the number of traffic movements in the neighbourhood for the health and liveability of our residents," said alderman Eva Oosters (Environment and Emission-free Transport)."

On average, up to dozens of delivery vehicles enter a neighbourhood every day, from the various delivery and parcel services. This causes CO2 emissions and a lot of congestion. If one courier from MyPup drives into town with a full load, the other carriers no longer have to do so. This contributes to cleaner air and quieter neighbourhood. Exactly how big an impact this project will have on air quality and livability we will be studying in the near future together with MyPup and consultancy firm Advier.

"Online purchases and the deliveries that go with them are increasing. This puts pressure not only on the environment, but also on the liveability of our cities. We are therefore pleased to have been given the opportunity by the municipality to show that an innovative logistics model can be the future," Luke van der Wardt, CEO of MyPup says about this.

Trial to improve city logistics

In preparation for the trial, consultancy firm Advier conducted a location study. Among other things, it looked at the crowds and potential users in the various districts. Based on this, the municipality made a choice. The first sustainable parcel point is on Jeremias de Deckerstraat in Dichterswijk. Here, MyPup shares premises with the company BIYU. BIYU offers various products on a rental basis, such as toys, cleaning products and tools. The second location, also starting from today, is at NS station Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn. A partnership has been established with the NS for this. More locations will follow later this year. In the Netherlands, the municipality of Utrecht is the first to test sustainable parcel points in the public environment. Several successful pilots have been carried out abroad, such as the Belgian Post Office in Mechelen. The trial will last until April 2024.

Smart, efficient and a lot better for our cities... nice right? For more information, request a free demo!


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