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Sustainable package delivery can be the norm

We all need to do our part in ensuring a sustainable world.


Our focus is on reducing vehicle congestion in cities. Last-mile delivery can be smarter, more sustainable and efficient. Why have 20 couriers drive to the same building each day when you could reduce this to one?


We consolidate all parcels at our micro-hub and deliver them to a Pick Up Point in your apartment, office or neighbourhood in one low-carbon trip.

Brand movie Mypup

Curious about the posibilities?

Here’s how we work


We consolidate all parcels on the edge of the city.

  • Parcels from every courier service and every website worldwide.

  • All couriers come to our hub. That’s what we’ve agreed.

  • This gives us enough time to sort the parcels and deliver them the same day.

Sustainable consolidation of couriers at the MyPup hub
sustainable delivery with electric vans and bikes


  • With electric van or bike

  • By our trusted courier

  • We save 9 out of 10 courier trips to your neighbourhood or building

We deliver to a Pick Up Point in your building in one low-carbon trip.

Pick Up

Collect your parcel with an SMS-code or through the MyPup app

  • Parcels are safely stored in the Pick Up Point

  • Pick up your parcel when it suits you

  • With a secure code or via the app.

Pick up from smart and safe lockers

Calculate your CO2 savings with MyPup

Curious how much CO2 we can reduce in your building? Calculate it with this tool.

3d render calculator_edited.png

What our users say

Want to install a Pick Up Point in your building? 

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