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Sustainable and safe package delivery for your office

One central unmanned Pick Up Point in your office where you can easily and safely have packages delivered, returned or shipped? With a MyPup Pick Up Point you provide your employees with that extra bit of service. Transfering an item peer-to-peer? This is also possible.

Receptions are spared and employees pick up their packages at their convenience. All different courier services on the doorstep? That is a thing of the past. Once a day, our delivery driver comes by to deliver the parcels.

Smart, efficient and together we ensure a safe and clean city. Isn’t that great?

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Curious about the posibilities?

Working with the best partners and clients

Why CBRE chose MyPup

CBRE is one of the biggest players in the corporate real estate market worldwide. They have chosen a MyPup Pick Up Point for a large part of their portfolio.


Want to know what the considerations were, why they chose MyPup's full-service solution and how it works in practice?

Read the story of CBRE here.

Sustainable parcel delivery at CBRE

Anne-Marie van Wilsum - Former Senior General Manager at CBRE Netherlands

"If you do the math, you’ll
soon find your answer. Around
150 private parcels are dropped
off at this office each week.
Handling them used to take at
least 1 FTE.”

MyPup in three simple steps

Orientation and installation

We map out how many smart lockers you need based on the number of residents. Our lockers are scalable and modular, so they can be designed to suit your needs.

Made a choice and decided on a location? Then we will install the Pick Up Point. All you need is a wall socket and preferably an internet connection.

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Depending on your preference, you will receive a monthly or quarterly report from us on Pick Up Point usage and the sustainability impact we achieve together.



Installed and ready? You now have a MyPup Pick Up Point! Together we will inform residents so that they will actively use the Pick Up Point.

Our promotional material is ready to inform residents and explain how MyPup works. Experience shows that employees find the Pick Up Point easy to use.


Benefits of MyPup

sustainable solution

By bundling parcels and delivering them in one go and emission-free, we save a lot of kilometres and there are fewer couriers on the streets.

Sustainable last mile delivery
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