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Safe and traceable parcel and asset distribution within your organisation

Get to know our sister company Parzelo!

From parcels to IT assets, and from construction materials to audiovisual equipment, Parzelo supports everything that needs controlled person-person exchange. The software from Parzelo automates the collection and exchange of items within your organization, giving you full control.

The software helps you to save handling time, increase control over assets and provide a smooth internal logistics process.

Get everything you need to improve your parcel and asset logistics management, save time, and optimize accountability. Efficiently register and track parcels and equipment with a simple and effective cloud-based solution.

Curious about the posibilities?

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Working with the best partners and clients

Why parzelo?

Save time

Reduce the workload of mailroom or service desk staff significantly. Parzelo automates the complete process from receiving an item to delivering it to the correct recipient. The registration, notification, and logging are done by the system. 


Easy to use

Work in Parzelo's user-friendly web application and mobile app or integrate the software into your existing systems. Parzelo is white-label and can be implemented in your specific context and systems. Whether you want a parcel shelf, a locked parcel room, or smart lockers, Parzelo can meet your wishes.  


Increase control

Unlock total control over the flow of goods through your organisation. Parzelo registers every step in the journey of all required items and provides a clear and extensive log for every item. The efficient automation makes sure that all information is directly transfered to the system, mitigating human errors.

Curious? Visit Parzelo's website

Take a look at the Parzelo website to discover how you can streamline your internal logistics

Read how our clients use Parzelo for their mailroom or IT service

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The Flemish public broadcaster 'VRT' has streamlined their mailroom with Parzelo and smart lockers.

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Canon business services

Towards a more efficient organization of the large flow of goods and services to and from the various buildings of the UvA and HvA.

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