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Worry-free parcel delivery for the entire neighbourhood

One convenient and central parcel point in the neighborhood where residents can easily and safely receive and send packages? With a MyPup Pick Up Point we make parcel delivery safer, easier and more sustainable and residents' parcel frustrations are a thing of the past.

With our full-service package delivery solution you reduce transport movements and CO2 emissions and contribute to a liveable and car-free neighbourhood.

Curious about the posibilities?

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MyPup for neighbourhoods

Municipalities and property developers play an essential role in the development of urban sustainability and the promotion of liveable neighbourhoods.

An increase in online orders brings logistical challenges. This calls for a smart solution for parcel delivery. Discover what MyPup can do for your neighbourhood.

A MyPup Pick Up Point in the neighborhood reduces the number of delivery vans by 90%. This results in a quieter, safer, and cleaner environment. MyPup perfectly aligns with your sustainability goals and can be included in scope 3 of the ESG regulations.

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Liveable and low-traffic neighbourhoods

Reduce the number of delivery vans by 90%.

Increase the living comfort of residents and enhance the liveability of a neighbourhood with a convenient unmanned MyPup Pick Up Point in the neighbourhood.


With a MyPup Pick Up Point, packages are delivered, returned, or sent easily, sustainably, and safely. Residents pick up their packages at their convenience.

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Increased living comfort

Increase the living comfort of residents

We bundle packages from all providers on the outskirts of the city, so that a delivery person only needs to enter the neighbourhood once a day.


Not only smart, but also one hundred percent emission-free.

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Sustainable and smart parcel delivery

The last-mile efficiently organised.

Are you looking for a solution for parcel delivery in newly developed areas, at an existing location such as a community center, or at a transit hub like a station?


MyPup’s complete service is entirely tailored to your needs and is available for the long term or as a solution in an area temporarily less accessible due to construction, for example.

Pick Up Point op maat 1.png

A custom-made Pick Up Point 

Tailored to your needs.

How it works

With our CO2-neutral delivery method, smart bundling of parcels in our hubs, and fewer delivery vans in neighbourhoods, we contribute together to cleaner, safer, and low-traffic cities. Residents pick up their parcels at their convenience.

1. Consolidate

We collect parcels from all providers and for the whole neighbourhood in our hubs at the edge of the city.

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2. Delivery

In one emission-free trip, we deliver all parcels to the Pick Up Point in the neighbourhood. We take returns and shipments with us again.


3. Pick-up

The parcels are securely stored in the parcel locker, and residents pick up their ordered items at their convenience.

Do you want to learn more about how MyPup reduces 9 out of 10 courier trips to a building or neighbourhood?


Gemeente Utrecht Mockup.jpg

City of Utrecht

The role of public parcel points in the development towards a sustainable and green city.

Client case wijdemeren cover.png

Municipality of Wijdemeren

During the Nieuw-Loosdrechtsedijk closure, MyPup offered a sustainable parcel solution, reducing traffic and boosting resident satisfaction.

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This whitepaper delves into the role of logistics hubs in creating livable cities of the future and highlighting key solutions

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