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Sustainable and safe package delivery for your apartment building

A secure indoor parcel locker for your apartment complex where all your ordered items can be picked up 24/7 and we also take back parcels for return or shipment*? With a MyPup Pick Up Point, you give residents that extra bit of service.

Residents are notified when their parcel arrives and can pick it up at their own convenience. Several different courier services on your doorstep? That is a thing of the past. Once a day, our delivery driver comes by to deliver the parcels. 

Smart, efficient and together we ensure a safe and clean city. Nice, isn't it? 

Curious about the posibilities?

Benefits of MyPup





Safe storage of parcels


sustainable solution

Sustainable last mile delivery

Scalable and


scaleable and modular



Great service for clients

Why Achmea Real Estate chose for MyPup

Achmea Real Estate is one of the largest asset managers of mortgages and real estate in the Netherlands. They chose for a MyPup Pick Up Point for a large part of their portfolio.


Curious to know what the considerations where, why they chose MyPup’s full-service solution and how it works in practice?

Read here the story of Wim Smit – Former Project Manager New Building Development.

Resident ordering parcels sustainably and safy through MyPup
Achmea Real estate

Mypup in 3 simple steps

Orientation and installation

We map out how many smart lockers you need based on the number of residents. Our lockers are scalable and modular, so they can be designed to suit your needs.

Made a choice and decided on a location? Then we will install the Pick Up Point. All you need is a wall socket and preferably an internet connection.

Activation among residents to use the mypup lockers


Depending on your preference, you will receive a monthly or quarterly report from us on Pick Up Point usage and the sustainability impact we achieve together.

Using the MyPup

Installed and ready? You now have a MyPup Pick Up Point! Together we will inform residents so that they will actively use the Pick Up Point.

Monthly reporting of usuage of the parcel lockers

Wim Smit | Project Manager Syntrus Achmea

"The knife actually cuts not on two but on three sides. A pleasant living environment delivers satisfied residents, landlords and a better return, both in the short and longer term.

Working with the best partners and clients

How can we improve 
your building?

Send us a message and we will reply within 48h, or book an appointment with one of our experts!
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