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Smart parcel delivery solutions for student accommodations

Put an end to package frustrations in your building with MyPup's parcel lockers.

Always a tidy entrance

No more missing parcels

All parcels sustainably delivered 
by your trusted MyPup courier

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Trusted by thousands of tenants from

Couriers deliver all parcels for your building to our hub

  • Parcels from every courier service and every website worldwide.

  • Parcels arrive at our hub in the morning, ensuring same-day delivery in the afternoon.

Sustainable consolidation of couriers at the MyPup hub
sustainable delivery with electric vans and bikes

One trusted courier per day

  • With access to your building

  • Emission free delivery with electric van or bike.

  • Saving 9 out of 10 courier trips to your student complex.

Parcels are safely stored

  • Stored safely in your smart parcel locker.

  • Residents collect their parcels at their convenience 

  • Ensuring a tidy entrance and no more lost parcels

Pick up from smart and safe lockers

Want to install a Pick Up Point in your building? 

No more missed deliveries

Parcels from every website

Safely stored in a locker

Delivered sustainably

Return parcels

Why The Social Hub chose for MyPup

Curious to know what the considerations were, why they chose MyPup’s full-service solution and how it works in practice?

Read the full story here:

Resident ordering parcels sustainably and safy through MyPup

"For The Social Hub, the logistic model of MyPup provides a more sustainable solution for parcel delivery. Because of the agnostic approach of MyPup in terms of parcel delivery, parcel traffic is reduced around the building, saving greenhouse gas emissions."

Robin Klabbers, Senior Experience Manager at The Social Hub


Calculate your CO2 savings with MyPup

Use our calculator to calculate how much CO2 your building can save with the implementation of a Pick Up Point. ​

Sustainable delvelopment goal 8
Sustainable delvelopment goal 11
The MyPup service contributes to your Sustainable Development Goals (SDG )
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How can we improve 
your building?

Send us a message and we will reply within 48h, or book an appointment with one of our experts!
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