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DUWO opts for sustainable and safe parcel delivery by MyPup

Amsterdam, Thursday 11 January - After a pilot, DUWO foundation chooses MyPup (My Pick Up Point) to make parcel logistics in and around its student accommodation more sustainable. The logistics specialist is the only service provider in the Netherlands that bundles parcels from different providers in hubs on the outskirts of a city. This way, only one delivery driver needs to drive into a neighbourhood every day, instead of an average of about 15 delivery vehicles a day. This way, significantly less CO2 is emitted. The use of MyPup parcel lockers also reduces the problem of packages lying around or being lost. MyPup will start rolling out the first locations in mid-April and this will be expanded to some 80 locations in Amsterdam, Delft, The Hague, Haarlem, Leiden and Wageningen, among others, in the coming period.

Sustainability and DUWO

DUWO Foundation is committed to fighting climate change and is doing so by making their property - over 33,000 student houses - more sustainable and contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions. "Besides our own conviction for more sustainable choices, our student residents are also increasingly aware of their impact on their environment. After an eight-month pilot phase, we believe that MyPup's solution best reflects this. The service also provides a solution for parcels that are left lying around or lost because they are delivered in corridors (often without permission). With this service, parcels can be safely stored in a locker by a regular delivery person. Our residents therefore also responded enthusiastically to the service in a survey, and the tenants' organisations also support this plan. We are therefore delighted to enter into the collaboration with MyPup," said Barend Kuenen, Director at DUWO. 

“Duwo already makes many sustainable choices with regards to their locations, but for parcel logistics around the student residences, further steps could be taken. Especially given the increase in online purchases, this not only puts increasing pressure on the environment, but also only increases the amount of traffic movements in a city. This does not help the liveability of our cities. We are therefore very happy to take steps towards sustainable and safe parcel delivery in the Netherlands on such a scale with DUWO," said Luke van der Wardt, CEO of MyPup. 

Fewer couriers in the neighborhood 

MyPup's solution consists of three steps: all parcels from different providers are first collected in a hub on the outskirts of the city. There, the parcels are sorted according to their final destination. Then, by electric van or bicycle, the delivery driver delivers the parcels to special lockers located in apartment complexes (a Pick Up Point). This way, instead of several delivery and parcel services, only one delivery driver drives the neighbourhood every day. This avoids different delivery drivers walking in and out all day, reduces traffic congestion and saves CO2 emissions. Finally, the residents of the student residences receive a notification and pick up their parcel(s) at their convenience

About DUWO (About the DUWO Foundation) 

A fair home for every student. DUWO fights for a fair home for every student, regardless of background and nationality. That's why we work tirelessly to increase the supply of affordable student accommodation, but we realise that this also involves reliable service and a living experience that fits the life you lead as a student. Because DUWO is a non-profit organisation, we can focus entirely on this without making a profit. We have been doing this for almost three quarters of a century, which means we know what our students want and need. With those insights, we can build, rent and manage sustainable student housing at fair prices and in which every student feels at home.


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