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2.1 million London residents experience parcel theft

  • 31% of Londoners have had parcels stolen from their home in the past year

  • Three in 10 of those affected are now hesitant to have their purchases delivered to their home

  • With many left feeling unsafe or left worse off, 20% would like to see preventative measures like secure lockers installed in their building

More than three in 10 (31%) Londoners have had parcels stolen from their home in the past 12 months – the equivalent to 2.1 million across the nation’s capital[1] – leading to frustration and safety fears.

New research from MyPup, a sustainable parcel consolidation and delivery service, reveals that more than half (53%) of those living in apartments have been victims of parcel theft in the past five years – many on multiple occasions. Of those affected, 46 per cent say that parcels were stolen from outside the front door of their apartment, and 33 per cent had them taken from the lobby of their building.

While people living in apartments are worse affected, 48 per cent of those living in houses have also had parcels stolen. As many houses do not have safe places for packages to be unattended, three-quarters (77%) say packages were stolen from outside their front door.

Police data shows that parcel theft was up by 300% over the last three years[2] to November 2022, which is concerning for residents and those responsible for building security. Of those surveyed, one in four (26%) said they are increasingly frustrated with parcel theft from their buildings, and three in 10 (30%) say they are now hesitant to have their online purchases delivered to their homes.

Instances of parcel theft have had a wider impact on the lives of many Londoners. One in five (19%) have been left worse off because they have been unable to get their money back, and 12 per cent even say that they feel less safe in their home. To counter concerns, one in five (20%) say they would like better preventative measures put in place, such as having secure lockers for deliveries installed.

“Parcel theft is sadly prevalent in London, and it is understandably a source of worry when people are increasingly parting with their hard-earned money online. At the same time, building owners are struggling to manage the large influx of couriers that enter their properties each day, which can put packages at risk.
Smart parcel lockers are one way to avoid disruption, keeping parcels safe and sound until recipients are able to collect them.”

-Esme Fowler-Mason, Market Consultant UK&I at MyPup

About MyPup

MyPup – My Pick Up Point – is a green parcel consolidation and delivery service, helping to reduce parcel theft, decrease pollution in our cities, and provide a more sustainable delivery option for apartment buildings and offices across London.

By collecting parcels from all couriers at a hub outside of London and sorting them by building, only one electric vehicle delivery is needed for all residents – made by a trusted courier each day – and packages are kept safe in smart lockers until recipients are available to collect them using their own unique code.


About the research

MyPup commissioned Savanta to undertake online research amongst 1,019 adults living in London, including 510 private renters, between 30 June and 7 July 2023.

[1] According to ONS’ Mid-Year Population Estimates, June 2021, there are 6.9 adults living in London. If 31 per cent have been affected by parcel theft in the past year, 2.1 million have been affected. [2] An series of FOI requests by Quadient in November 2022 revealed that parcel theft has increased by 300% in the last three years


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