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New logistic improvements for our operation

Driven by our mission, we at MyPup continuously optimize our processes. We observe that in many cities, traffic congestion hardly decreases and there is a growth in parcel volume. Compared to last year, our operation has processed 70% (!) more parcels. This requires flexibility and some adjustments in our logistic operation. We are in discussion with Chief Operating Officer Onno de Looff. 


A growth of 70% in parcel volume compared to the previous year is significant. What factors have contributed to this? 

Onno de Looff: "Despite the shortage in the housing market, we are experiencing growth in Pick Up Points in apartment complexes. Throughout the metropolitan area - especially in Amsterdam - customers are finding us. From new developments in Amsterdam-Noord and Amsterdam-West, to the redevelopment in Zuidoost; more and more project developers are implementing the parcel service of MyPup in their buildings. Residents embrace our service and sign up for a MyPup account unusually quickly. In 80% of the cases, they use the MyPup Service within a month of moving in. These are all positive developments, of course, but they cause some growing pains in MyPup's logistic operation. This 'forces' us to work smarter and at the same time gives us the opportunity to try new things." 


What challenges does this growth bring to MyPup's operation and where can optimization be achieved? 

O.: "An important part of that optimization can be achieved by looking at new modes of transportation combined with smarter route planning. In the heart of the city, you don't want delivery vans. We handle a large part of this with cargo bikes, but logistically, it can be quite challenging at times. In collaboration with Nimbus Engineering, we conducted a test with their electric scooter, the 'Qarry'. With a loading capacity of 3 m3, it has been shown that we can combine two cargo bike routes into one route with the 'Qarry'. With this loading capacity, we have more space for (too) large packages and can easily handle shipments and returns. The latter was often a challenge on our bike routes due to limited cargo space. 


What does this growth mean for your organization and the people who work there? 

In addition to electric vehicles and a route planning system, people are the most important aspect of our organization! After a few challenging months, we have achieved a good balance between full-time and part-time employees, students, and permanent staff. A strong recruitment strategy to attract new employees and sufficient attention to training and onboarding contribute to this success, but the most important thing is a clear selection and intake policy. We are a close-knit and driven team. Personal conversations, clarity about tasks and responsibilities, fair compensation, and a pleasant working environment are indispensable." 


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