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The magic word is Consolidation

Mypup courier receives package from DHL
MyPup consolidatie flow

Consolidation is the answer

At MyPup, we have developed a model for parcel deliveries that alleviates pressure on the climate and environment. MyPup collects parcels from all possible carriers at one of our hubs on the outskirts of the city and then sorts them per destination. This is called consolidation. From there, everything is delivered in one go, with electric transport or e-bike. That's what distinguishes us from others. We ensure that other couriers no longer have to drive into the city - increasing efficiency and making a sustainable impact. We reduce the miles driven by couriers, meaning less traffic and CO2 emissions. In 2022, we saved 81,994 kg of CO2. That is more than 600 flights from Amsterdam to London! That’s why buildings like Matrix One in Amsterdam received an innovation credit under BREEAM for using our service.

User experience How does this affect the user? Does it make a difference to them? A user first creates a MyPup account. When ordering online, they enter the MyPup account name and the delivery address they received in the mail. In this way, all their orders will from now on be arranged via the Pick Up Point of their choice. They can also easily register returns via their MyPup account. Users will no longer have to visit multiple pick-up points (or bother their neighbours). All parcels will henceforth be delivered safely in parcel lockers, to be picked up at their convenience.

Cooperation Mobility is growing and so are the issues surrounding it. We have been committed to a more liveable city since 2014, but real future-proof solutions require far-reaching cooperation with all parties in the chain: commercial companies, property developers, parcel delivery companies, and of course, the government. Such cooperation is not a utopia for us, but a necessity in continuing to deliver and serve customers well. Our Pick Up Points can now be found in apartment complexes as well as offices, universities, hospitals, and recently also in public locations, such as in the municipality of Utrecht.

Smart, efficient, and much better for our cities... great right? For more information, request our free information package!

Or would you first like to learn or discuss more? Feel free to contact us!


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