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MyPup as a dedicated logistics partner Utrecht University

After a tender process, Utrecht University chose MyPup as a dedicated partner for the logistics processes within the university. We spoke to Michiel Maas, logistics manager and project leader at Utrecht University, about the partnership.
What was the university’s need for the tender?

A strong need for renewal and efficiency of our internal logistics services. In recent years we noticed that our 6,000 employees were working more and more flexibly, which made it more difficult to get mail and parcels smoothly to the recipient. In addition to this ‘mailroom functionality’, we were also looking for a new way to issue goods, such as lending beamers etc. This need has only been reinforced by the pandemic.

Why did you choose MyPup? There were quite a few things we looked at and MyPup really stood out! We have about 80 premises, mainly in the city centre, and this involves quite a lot of logistics. That is why we were looking for a solid partner, who is able to grow with us. In MyPup, we found the right party, one that values sustainability, is focused on the future and is constantly innovating. And also important: their solution is both user- and maintenance-friendly. Finally, MyPup has already proven itself through their cooperation with other universities. We have every confidence in having made the right choice!

Pick Up Point at the University of Utrecht location St Janskerkhof

How does the cooperation look now? We are now live with 4 locations, with which we are first replacing the so-called mailroom. A wall of lockers has been installed in each building, recognisable and entirely in corporate identity of the university. So all packages and mail for employees in these buildings are delivered here and placed in the lockers. They are then notified via a notification e-mail that something has arrived, and by means of a QR code they can open the filled locker. But employees can also offer their packages and mail for shipment and leave them in a locker. This already allows us to streamline a part of our service.

And how do you see the future? We see plenty of opportunities! This is just the start. We think that we can also use the MyPup solution to lend and collect beamers and room keys, but also as a distribution point for laptops and mobile phones for new employees, for example, in cooperation with the IT department. And finally, it is also a godsend for students to use the lockers for services. We are looking forward to expanding our services in various ways!

Photo credits to Dirk Boetekees of University of Utrecht


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