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Innovative Last Mile Delivery for clean and low-traffic city centres

MyPup (MyPickUpPoint) offers a smart and especially sustainable solution that allows people to receive, send, and return packages through an unmanned pick-up point (package station). By consolidating all packages in a central hub on the outskirts of the city and delivering all packages daily through just one driver, MyPup significantly minimizes delivery traffic in city centers and reduces CO-² emissions by a considerable amount. This makes streets safer, with sustainability at the forefront!

Who are we

MyPup was founded in the Netherlands in 2014 by Luke van der Wardt, Martijn van Schaveren, and Dennis van den Berg. In the meantime, this sustainable last mile delivery solution can be found in cities such as Amsterdam and Utrecht, as well as outside the Netherlands in major cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, London, Dublin, and many others.

Commitment to a better quality of life

Online orders and the associated deliveries are steadily increasing, leading to a significant rise in delivery services. This, in turn, results in more delivery traffic in city centers, polluted streets, and dangerous traffic situations. "A burden not only on the environment but also on the quality of life in our cities <...> We want to show that an innovative logistics model can be the future," says Luke van der Wardt, CEO of MyPup.

So much more than just a package station

Since its establishment in 2014, the company has grown strongly, both in terms of personnel and development. In addition to sustainable package delivery in Germany with its cooled compartments, MyPup is also used for receiving and distributing food and allows companies worldwide to ensure safe and efficient internal IT and mail processing.

In the Netherlands, MyPup launched a pilot project with the city of Utrecht in January. Local package stations were made accessible for public use, and according to the model, only one courier service delivers to the package stations. This saves time, energy, and makes streets less congested!

MyPup is already implementing and testing new approaches in this field today to make it better tomorrow.


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