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Altera partners with MyPup to make parcel logistics more sustainable.

Altera Vastgoed (hereafter: Altera) is making the logistics around its apartment buildings more sustainable with the deployment of MyPup. The logistics expert collects parcels in special hubs outside the cities and then transports them safely and sustainably to pick-up points in apartment buildings, among other places. MyPup has been active for Altera since the beginning of this year, delivering parcels to the residents of almost 20 different buildings in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Amstelveen, Amersfoort, and Den Bosch, among other places.

“With MyPup we ensure a better flow of the growing number of delivery services and contribute to clean and livable cities,” said Rogier van Aalten, Business Development Manager at MyPup.

How does it work? MyPup’s solution consists of three steps: first of all, packages are collected in a hub, on the outskirts of the city, after which the packages are sorted to their final destination. Next, the courier delivers the parcels by an electric van or bicycle to special lockers in the apartment building, an unmanned pick-up point. The end user, or resident, immediately receives a notification that their package has been delivered and is ready for pick up.

MyPup Pick Up Point in apartment buildings, Argentinië Blok 2 in Amsterdam

Making logistics more sustainable Altera is continuously working to add sustainable technical innovations to its existing and/or new buildings. “For the buildings themselves, many sustainable solutions are already on the market, but for the logistics around the residences, there are still steps to be taken. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer the user-friendly and sustainable service of MyPup to our residents. We hope to be able to expand this further to more of our residences,” said Niels van Wonderen, Head of Asset Management Residential at Altera.

Sustainable solution for the last mile Founder Martijn van Schaveren and his partner Luke van der Wardt already saw the issues surrounding parcel delivery of the so-called ‘last mile’ arise 8 years ago: “Annoyances about packages piling up at the entrance, being delivered to the neighbors or even going missing are common. Also, a building is often damaged by the many delivery people who pass by. “This had to be able to be done differently,” said the entrepreneurs. At first, office buildings were mainly MyPup’s customers, but partly due to the pandemic, many apartment buildings were added to the list.

About Altera Altera Vastgoed offers institutional investors access to core real estate investments in the residential and retail sectors. The portfolios consist of high-quality and sustainable real estate with stable return expectations. Altera has € 3.0 billion under management, makes no use of loan capital, and has a low-cost level. More information on Altera is available at or on LinkedIn.

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