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Receive, return and ship


all parcels

Make parcel delivery to your building worry-free, efficient and sustainable with MyPup.

No more hassle from lost parcels, and up to 90% less courier traffic to your apartment, office or neighbourhood.

Start managing parcel deliveries the smart way, with a custom-made Pick Up Point in your building.

User and courier at smart mypup lockers
Smart and safe mypup lockers
Sustainable package delivery with cargo bike

Proud of our partners and clients

Receive, return and ship
parcels smarter

Reduce up to 90% of courier traffic to your apartment, office or neighbourhood.

The most sustainable package solution

We are committed to making the world a better place. We consolidate parcels from every courier company at a hub in the city and deliver them to MyPup lockers in your building in one low-carbon trip.

The most safe package solution

We pride ourselves on delivering and storing parcels safely. MyPup ensures parcels will no longer be left in open spaces. Instead, they are stored in a secure locker.


Go from several unknown couriers entering your building each day to just one trusted MyPup driver.

The most convenient package solution

Managing parcels doesn’t need to be difficult. You can save time and resources with an easy-to-use, unmanned Pick Up Point in your building. Residents and employees can pick up their parcels when it suits them.

MyPup delivery van

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